A change of meaning

Working on a pressing social topic that
deserves more attention? We offer design
research and social innovation services.

Basic pack - What

“What opportunities could a radical change of meaning offer me?”


Gain insight into societal and financial opportunities that a change of meaning could bring to your topic and organisation.


The Quickscan: together, in three sessions, we explore and map out radical changes of meaning that are feasible and impactful.


A high level overview of how meaning driven innovation affected and could impact your topic and organisation.

Standard pack - How

“How can I harness the power of design to envision and propose a radical change of meaning?”


Enable your organisation to develop disruptive innovations that people will embrace and competitors will want to replicate.


Unlock the power of meaning-driven innovation with our design workshops. It is possible to work with a social topic of choice.


Master the tools and mindset that designers use to innovate with our workshops on Design Thinking and Design-Driven Innovation.

Premium pack - Why

“Why could my social topic and organisation be meaningful to people in current or future markets?”


Pushing new meaning has the potential to create new markets and offers people new reasons to fall in love with a topic.


Personal guidance during the entire design research process: from envisioning new meaning to proposing a concept to the market.


A radical reinterpretation of the meaningful experience a pressing social topic offers.


Our blog ‘What do you mean?’ just launched!

This is the blog series for new designers. We cover the different tools and techniques that designers use to innovate and explain how to use them.

How to Determine in a Design Sprint?
How to Develop in a Design Sprint?
How to Decide in a Design Sprint?


Our new podcast ‘Why in the world?!’ is now live!

Learn how the world can become a better place with the help of a simple change of meaning. We tackle a new social topic each episode.