Not how, but why

People fall in love with meaning, not with solutions.
Therefore, the question we ask is not how, but why.

Way of work

How we envision and propose radical changes of meaning for pressing social topics.

Phase 1 - Why

Themes & Goals

Why could something be meaningful to you?

Using Design-Driven Innovation, a Design Discourse is formed to explore new meaning: a dialogue between a network of interpreters.

Phase 2 - How


How would you like to experience something?

Design Thinking informs the process of translating the abstract proposal of product meaning into real world use cases for users.

Phase 3 - What


What would you like to purchase, use, or have?

A proof of concept is created. For this we use prototyping modern techniques such as 3D printing and interactive mockups.


Our blog ‘What do you mean?’ just launched!

This is the blog series for new designers. We cover the different tools and techniques that designers use to innovate and explain how to use them.

How to Determine in a Design Sprint?
How to Develop in a Design Sprint?
How to Decide in a Design Sprint?


Our new podcast ‘Why in the world?!’ is now live!

Learn how the world can become a better place with the help of a simple change of meaning. We tackle a new social topic each episode.